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When To Call It Quits!


So I was reading my stats today for this site and noticed that someone found my first post about dating/relationships/being single… through searching “when to end a relationship”. I decided I would write a quick blurb on that query!

Here it goes!


You should end a relationship if:

1. You’re getting abused

2. You’re considering abusing/hurting your significant other

3. You’re cheating regularly


You should consider breaking up if:

1. You’re thinking about cheating and/or having constant thoughts about other men or women besides your partner.

2. You argue over the smallest issues ALL of the time!

3. You constantly get annoyed at anything AND everything your partner does, from the way they laugh to the way they chew their food!


Okay y’all. That’s it for now! I might add on to this later but only if it gets mad hits! If not, it was worth the try!

Get Smart. Just Ride Solo. Just Kidding. Or Am I?


Why Being Single Isn’t So Bad

So I told you guys I was coming back harder than ever right? Anyway, here’s one of the many topics I am going to attempt to write about upon viewers’ requests.

Today, I’m talking about Relationships. To be more specific, I am going to discuss the positive side to being single. I know you’re thinking “Unknwn… You’re too young to be talking about relationships! What do you know?”

You’re right, I am pretty young to be discussing the pros and cons to such a common occurrence in life. I don’t really know what I’m talking about! Well I actually do know what I’m talking about when it comes to today’s topic! Anything more than this and you may want to refer to a dating coach! Just kidding… I know a lot of stuff, I just don’t talk about it. But that’s why this blog exists, so I can share my knowledge with the world!

Anyways, I’m off topic! So, like I was saying I am going to discuss the good things about being single! Many people dislike being single and rather drag themselves through a hopeless relationship than just ride solo. I am one of those people. After a pretty horrible and dramatic two year-long relationship, I realized being single may be a better choice. Of course I had many thoughts running through my head. I didn’t want to be alone, I didn’t know how I would spend my day since it normally revolved around my significant other, so on and so forth. However, when everything was said and done I felt a sense of relief!

Think about it this way, you can go where you want when you want and do whatever you want with whomever you want and not have to answer to someone. That alone is exhilarating! Now, one may say, “That doesn’t have to happen only when you’re single. You can have that freedom in a relationship too.” Well here’s what I think: a healthy relationship is based on trust, but everyone knows even when you trust your partner, you don’t and won’t let them run around doing whatever with whomever, that’s just not how stuff works!

To me I associate the word “Single” with “Freedom”. That doesn’t mean I view a relationship as taking away my freedom but as I said above, with relationships comes restrictions. Being single is all about doing you and not focusing on someone else. I think it’s the best time to find yourself and what makes you happy. In the end, you have a better understanding of what you want in life and in a partner as well.

Now, does it always happen like this? No. Absolutely not. Some take the “Single Life” as a time to hook up with numerous people or drag others down for not being single just like them. Those are the reasons why being single looks so bad! Every person in this world has at least one single friend. You know, the one who claims he/she is so happy to be single but, every time you guys go out he/she is the first one drowning away their sorrows in ten shots of Vodka!? The one who makes you happy you’re in a relationship because you’re afraid you may turn out exactly like him/her!? Yea, do me a favor and get rid of that friend right now. He/she is a danger to any and all of your future relationships!

Got A Friend Like This? Drop Her Immediately!


Please take my advice, if you’re single don’t feel bad, use this as anopportunity to get to know yourself a little better. Don’t waste your time abusing alcohol, drugs, sex, or any other addictive substance/activity. Yes, sex can become an addiction; just watch Jersey Shore!

Get Smart. Don’t Hang Around Depressed Single People. They’re Bad Influences. Enjoy Your Time Being Single. It’s Not So Bad.


You Just Should…

Hello internets,

I’ve been gone for a minute. Resting, chilling, and most importantly thinking. I have a couple of pretty good posts coming up so look out for that! First off shout out to the people who went to my YouTube page from here or vice versa. It makes me so happy to see my self promotion is going relatively well.

So, it is pretty late but, I have been thinking about some stuff and just needed to rant (as usual). What are you going to rant about UNKNWN? Well y’all, I’m going to rant about relationships. Yes, I said relationships. Such taboo huh? Anywho, I’m not going to get too personal but I will say this, breaking up is hard but there are always lessons to be learned from the sometimes horrible experience.

One thing I just realized is that you should never have to force someone to recognize you as their significant other. That person just should… I have been trippin off of something I noticed about a recent ex of mine and I came to this realization. If you notice that you are pushing for your girlfriend or boyfriend to do things such as introduce you as their partner to even changing their “Single” status to “In a Relationship” on Facebook then leave that fool in the dust! If that person really values the relationship, they should have nothing to hide, right? I have always known this but like they say, it’s easier said than done.

My point is, I pushed to be acknowledged (and finally was) but I just so happened to notice, he (the guy I broke up with) has no problem talking highly of his “new chick”. Of course I was heated! I mean, who wouldn’t? As if breaking up isn’t enough, just go ahead and rub the whole situation in my face! Being the analytical person I am, I tried to learn a lesson from my emotions. Yes, I was mad that I had to basically beg and plead to be recognized and this new girl got instant recognition. And yes, I was sad because I felt something was wrong with me. BUT, I then became enlightened to the fact that I was trying to make a puzzle piece fit into the wrong place. Did I just compare a bad relationship to a puzzle? Yes I did, and here’s why. When things work, they just work. You don’t need force or debate or even violence! Things just work. As hard as it might be, sometimes we as people just need to realize that not all relationships work! I constantly reflect upon the relationship and think there was something wrong with me as do many other men and women. However, nothing was wrong with me, I was just trying to make something that was never going to work, work!

Did I mention that this was a rant post? So all in all, guys and gals out there, you just should acknowledge your significant other from Day 1. If not, just end things. There’s no such thing as “warming up” to someone. Either it works or it doesn’t work, it’s that simple!

Get Smart. Dump That Sucka! You Just Should.