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2010 Is a Wrap!

Hey internets! Happy new years eve, I’m some-what enjoying it at home with my family. Just wanted to make my LAST post of 2010 and thank you all for all of the hits I have received so far! GE.SF has been a success this year so let’s make 2011 even better!

Thank you 2010, though this has been the craziest year to say the least, Know the UNKNWN has been a great success and benefit!!!

Have a SAFE and FUN New Year’s Eve y’allllllll!!!



Video Model’s Hair Catches On Fire!

Video Model’s Hair Catches On Fire!.

Oakland’s Got Pride – San Francisco Take Notes

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So yesterday I went to Oakland to check out their Gay Pride Celebration and it was pretty good! It cost $5 for regular admission and $10 for the “VIP” admission which knocked $1 off drinks. If I were to compare the experience to Pride in San Francisco I would have to say Oakland is a winner. Due to having to pay to get in, I doubt  any naked people were admitted, which is a major turn off for many in San Francisco. I attended San Francisco’s pride parade like I do every year, and there were more naked people then in public showers at your local YMCA! It was kind of gross…  I was expecting a similar outcome in Oakland but, there were no naked people (that I saw at least). There were your typical “exhibitionists” or as some call Leather Daddies. I don’t want to scare any viewers with a definition of a “Leather Daddy” so get smart and Google it!

To cut a long story short, Oakland’s pride festivities were quite enjoyable and delightful. Entertainment was good, food was good, and the crowd wasn’t naked.


-actually want a review of the celebration? Go look it up. Or check here, there’s some good info (it’s not a review though!) and check here for some cool pictures and Chaka Kahn’s performance!