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How’s This For A Follow Up!?

I spotted this on a website and had to post it as a follow up to my M.O.B. post. This shirt just gave M.O.B. a new meaning. Mad props to whomever created this. It comes in blue, black, and white, but I’m feeling the white joint .

If you want to purchase one go here.

“What’s with the skull & crossbones on my URL?”

What used to be my favorite internet browser has portrayed me. Google Chrome has upped their browsing security and maybe gone a little to far with the upgrade. Now, when you go onto certain sites such as this one, a red skull and crossbones will appear next to the url will appear. “What the heck man!? This is whack” are the exact phrases that left my mouth when I saw this. Me being the tech savvy person I am, I knew immediately that this was happening due to spam. Some bastard-child posted a spammy comment on one of my posts! So don’t get scared, get mad. Oh and comment too! No spam pleases though! Just because you see this icon, don’t trip it’s because someone freaking spammed me and that made Google Chrome think the site is unsafe especially since I have some form of mixed content on my site such as video links and pictures.

Moral of this story, I hate spam and now I am starting to kinda hate Google. Thought I would never say it but, it’s true after that BP scandal, Google has lost me as it’s biggest fan.

Did you know, BP paid Google to reroute any inquiry about what really happened in the Gulf with the oil spill to their own website which you know was full of lies. Thanks Obama, this is the change we needed to believe in right?

Just got a little too political for this post.

Get Smart. -unknwn