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Blind Fury Wins Freestyle Friday Battle!!!!!

If you haven’t been watching 106 & Park lately, then you don’t know about “Blind Fury.” He has been undefeated in the show’s popular freestyle battles, hence the name, Freestyle Friday. Anyway, the point is, this rapper has been going in on every single one of his opponents and wins every single time! Never mine the fact that he’s blind, he GOES IN! Today’s battle was like the championships of all battles and once again, Blind Fury took the cake against his opponent “Moon” with 86.2% of the viewers vote. He won a check for $5,000 amongst many other prizes. Congratulations Blind Fury!

Click Here to Watch The Battle!

First of the First

So today is my first day of independently blogging… What a day! Not much more to say in this post but today is the first of the first or in other words, “I’m a blogger B*TCHESSS!!!” -Unknwn
Oh and please make suggestions for posts. I’m knowledgeable of a lot and open to everything.