So I’ve been following the twitter beef that’s going on between Odd Future R&B singer, Frank Ocean and Chris Brown. Basically, Chris tweeted what to him was a compliment but to Frank Ocean, an underhanded comment. Frank Ocean fired back and things went downhill from there.

But that has nothing to do with the point of this post!

My question is, what is with all the hype with this Odd Future Wolf Gang… group? I mean, I just don’t see it. I’m all for young people getting their shine on and all but, these cats are a little too weird for me.

In all honesty, I want to know how many black followers they have? Not to put things on a racial note but, I have noticed that artists like Lil B and Odd Future have a large young, white (mostly female) following. Is that a coincidence, or what?

This is just an observation.

Bottom line, there’s something about OFWGKTA that attracts more white women people than black… Maybe this is just the new reality of “hip hop” music.

All I have to say is… Drugs will make you do some crazy things.

I’ll let you be the judge, here’s one of Tyler the Creator’s videos:

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