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Mixtapes anyone?



So I’m back in action but I don’t know what to post about (as usual!) however, I have a lot of cool finds to share with you all. Shout out to the fact that I have over 260 views with no promotion! By the way, only two people I know have contributed to those views and they definitely only visited the site twice so don’t even say “oh well you’re just telling the people you know to read your blog and hit it up a lot!” because that is extremely untrue.

Anyways, back to the post. My beloved Mad Decent website has a new place to get mixtapes!!! Click here to check it out!




If you don’t know who Maluca is then slap yourself one time. The word maluca means crazy woman in Portuguese and I’m sure she knew that when giving herself that title.

Maluca is a super fly Dominicana from New York with a ghetto tech style (Google it). Her music is like DJ Playero (once again, Google it!) meets Vogue. China Food, her mixtape, is on fire! Check out one of my favorite tracks. The video is too legit!  >>

China Food gets an absolute 5 stars!

Also,  check out Mad Decent’s post on her and download China Food while your at it!