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R.I.P. Comedian Greg Giraldo

Comedian Greg Giraldo, dead at age 44 from an overdose.

At age 44, Comedian Greg Giraldo passed away today, Wednesday, September 29th. His death was caused by an accidental overdose of prescription pills. After being hospitalized at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick, New Jersey last weekend, Giraldo passed away with his family at his side. Memorial service plans will be decided by his family and reportedly made public when available.

This is truly a sad day. We have lost a very funny man. I personally remember Greg Giraldo from his many “Roasting Sessions” on Comedy Central. Roast subjects included: Pam Anderson, Jeff Foxworthy, Chevy Chase, Flavor Flav, Bob Saget, William Shatner, Joan Rivers, Larry the Cable Guy and David Hasselhoff.

Other celebrities quickly took to Twitter with their responses to the heartfelt news. “Really sad to learn about Greg Giraldo,” David Hasselhoff tweeted. “He was a funny guy and was great on the roast. RIP, Greg…”

I am also sorry to hear about this too. Prescription medicine always needs to be taken with caution. Always.


Dancing With The Stars Is Rigged!

Man I hate dancing with the stars. This was one of the first seasons I actually watched and after two or three

episodes, I’m not watching it EVER again. All I got to say is, HOW THE HECK DOES BRISTOL “THE PISTOL” PALIN GET MORE POINTS THAN MIKE FROM JERSEY SHORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was utterly outraged. I still cannot believe it! That friggin Mary Ann whatever her name is, was like “…I can’t wait to see you for weeks to come…” What the hell is that!? Bristol looked like a 2×4 being dragged across the dance floor! Her dancing made me want to claw my eyes out with the tiniest fork (or other sharp objects) on this planet! It’s obvious they want her to stay on for rating purposes. But I think anyone who’s nickname involves a firearm should not be on national TV especially a family friendly show like Dancing With the Stars. By the way, trigger happy Momma Palin gave her that nickname. Go figure.

I voted almost 20 times for “The Situation” just because I was offended by Bristol getting two 7’s and one 8! THEN  before Bristols stale performance (was it even a performance; more like murder) that same Mary Ann chick asks Mike what size shoe he wears and proceeds in telling him he’s pigeon toed! Now what the hell is that!??? No duh, he’s pigeon toed. I think we all caught that one. Furthermore, I think he’s well aware of that! How the hell can you be pigeon toed and not notice? You can’t, it’s impossible! Plus what the heck does his shoe size have to do with that? He handled the comment well but, I would’ve said, “What’s wrong with you? Are you trying to call me out on TV?” She would’ve gotten played!

Anyway, I voted for you Mike! So what if your pigeon toed, you should get some credit for at least trying.

Moral of this story: Dancing With the Stars Suck, especially the judges. Screw them.


How’s This For A Follow Up!?

I spotted this on a website and had to post it as a follow up to my M.O.B. post. This shirt just gave M.O.B. a new meaning. Mad props to whomever created this. It comes in blue, black, and white, but I’m feeling the white joint .

If you want to purchase one go here.

M.O.B. Smart or Offensive?

If you don’t know what M.O.B means then consider yourself lucky. If you do know, then let’s elaborate on the unfortunate concept. First off, should it even be considered a concept? I think it has some validity but does it cross over to “offensive-land” at times? I have so many questions, I could fill this post with just questions surrounding M.O.B. But, I am just going to touch on one thing: is money over bitches a smart way to live or just offensive?

Let the topic begin!

Okay, so I have been thinking to myself that money is worth a lot to many people but, there are a bunch of other stuff people value. When you tat yourself up with M.O.B. you’re almost saying, “screw everyone else I’m getting paid…” which is kind of good but also offensive to the people who may care about you. I personally love money but that’s because I have a shopping addiction. No for real, I think I am addicted to shopping! So without money, I pretty much would go into a massive mental breakdown. Anyways, this post isn’t about shopping. Maybe the next one will be about shopping…Okay back to the topic! If I were to say I am about money over bitches then I am saying a few things:

1. I like women (if you call women bitches)

2. I’m getting money

3. All I care about is money

I’m not even gonna get into what I said for number 1. I’m going to admit that I refer to some chicks as bitches but I don’t use it as a general term. I’m not that disrespectful. Ha, see how I phrased that, I am still admitting my disrespectful-ness. I’m not the nicest person alive…Anyways, my point is that a lot of guys I know say “it’s money over bitches” but, I doubt they understand what they are really saying.

Let’s look at it like this. You shouldn’t let anyone knock your hustle. By saying its money over females then you’re saying no “young bop” is gonna get in the way of your hustle. (I apologize for the slang-heavy sentences.) In regular English, this translates to not letting personal affairs affect your finances. That sounds pretty smart right? BUT! When you say “bitches” what does that imply? This is where things start to get offensive. I wouldn’t want anyone calling me a bitch unless I am acting like one. So, should we say its money over everyone? Well, it doesn’t have that swing and sass anymore. Where am I going with this? I have no clue!

All I have to say is, if you say M.O.B. Get Smart and think about the true meaning behind it. But, most likely if you’re saying it in the first place, you can’t even think that deep about anything more than the next Jordan release at Foot Locker. Ha. Boom. Get Smart Y’all.


Life Sucks Sometimes….Get Over It

Yes, yes I know this is primarily a music blog but, check it: this is my blog so I can post whatever I want. Boom. Please take no offense on the “boom” if you are from San Francisco and know what that means. I am simply ranting in this post.

Let the rant begin!

I am so sick and tired of people with bad attitudes. I am not going to disclose the person I am referring to but, seriously, life gets rough sometimes just shut up and deal with it. Things only have meaning when you give them meaning. Existentialism. Get Smart. In other words, when you start giving certain negative aspects in your life meaning, you are bound to suffer along with that negativity. But you can pay it no mind and move on, that way you are not dedicating your life to trippin off of every bad thing. I’ll use myself as an example. I’m not always happy with my life. Heck, I’m sitting here posting on a blog that hardly anyone reads! Am I trippin off of that? H-E-Double Hockey Sticks No! I don’t even think about how much my life sucks at times (because it does suck at times!) I think about the future and what is going to make me happy. I think about moving to NYC in the near future, my major in college, how I’m going to build the “Unknwn” brand, and other great things I’m trying to accomplish. To make a long story short, life sucks sometimes….get over it. Everything is temporary so don’t waste time trippin off of unhappy things.

Get Smart. Get Happy. Live Life.


Tecla is in My New Mezcla

Take one look at that wicked cover art and tell me you are not interested in who this chick is! I was reading a blog from MTV Iggy about Das Racist’s party for the release of their mixtape Sit Down, Man. Don’t worry, I’m going to post the review soon. As for this post. This post right here, it’s very informative. Every time I find a new artist that is worth listening to I nearly go KooKoo for Cocoa Puffs, Planet of The Apes, B-A-N-A-N-A-S. Gwen Stefani. Why? You ask. Well look up at the title of this blog. What does it say? It says “Know The Unknwn” in other words I am saying, “Get Smart. This Music Right Here. I Mean This Music Right Here, Is Legit! Like Too Legit To Quite. MC Hammer.” Okay, back to the post. I was reading a blog about Das Racist’s album party at the Santos Party House in NY and I noticed that this woman named Tecla was listed as one of the many performers of that night.

So, being the person I am, I Googled her. Notice how I said “Googled” not “searched on the internet.” That’s called a Proprietary Eponym. Get Smart Y’all. Geez I keep getting sidetracked. Sooooooo basically I am trying to say this chick Tecla is sick. She’s beyond sick. She’s ill. Lil Wayne. OMG I keep saying off topic things.

Tecla is like a mix of pop, euro, electro, I don’t even know how to explain-ness. I am diggin her style. I think she’s worth dropping a couple bucks on Amazon to purchase her CD. Take a look at her Bandcamp page and listen to her music.

BTW: Mezcla means mix F.Y.I. Get it, “Tecla is in my new mezcla.” She’s in my mix because she fits in so well with all the other artist I love. She’s definitely going on the Unknwn Artists page!!


Where The Mix At?

Are you wondering where’s the “Music Mix Monday’s” ? Probably not since this blog is so new, no one in internet-land seems to notice it. Well what had happened was I made the post on Saturday and got distracted by unnecessary drama on Facebook due to a horrible break up with an unimportant entity (my favorite insult!).

Basically, there will be a music mix coming to the internets on another day this week. So far, I have had a couple of hits and one spam comment. This blogging stuff is going better than I thought!

Get Smart. Kill Spammers. Just Kidding. Kill Yourself If You Are A Spammer. Less People In Prison. Prisons Get More Money Than Schools Annually.



“What’s with the skull & crossbones on my URL?”

What used to be my favorite internet browser has portrayed me. Google Chrome has upped their browsing security and maybe gone a little to far with the upgrade. Now, when you go onto certain sites such as this one, a red skull and crossbones will appear next to the url will appear. “What the heck man!? This is whack” are the exact phrases that left my mouth when I saw this. Me being the tech savvy person I am, I knew immediately that this was happening due to spam. Some bastard-child posted a spammy comment on one of my posts! So don’t get scared, get mad. Oh and comment too! No spam pleases though! Just because you see this icon, don’t trip it’s because someone freaking spammed me and that made Google Chrome think the site is unsafe especially since I have some form of mixed content on my site such as video links and pictures.

Moral of this story, I hate spam and now I am starting to kinda hate Google. Thought I would never say it but, it’s true after that BP scandal, Google has lost me as it’s biggest fan.

Did you know, BP paid Google to reroute any inquiry about what really happened in the Gulf with the oil spill to their own website which you know was full of lies. Thanks Obama, this is the change we needed to believe in right?

Just got a little too political for this post.

Get Smart. -unknwn

Music Mix Monday’s

This is a little something I’m starting in hopes of attracting more viewers. Every Monday, I’m gonna post up a couple of songs I been bumping lately. Your job is to answer the poll and let me know what you think about the songs as well as suggestions for the next Music Mix Monday.

So Here It Goes!

1. Hector – Maluca

2. Who’s That? Brooown! – Das Racist

3. Man Of The Year – Drake ft Lil Wayne

4. Speaking In Tongues – Das Racist

5. Mutilate – Jay Karan

Lady Gaga Gone Too Gaga Over Diet?

Alegedly, Lady Gaga has been hospitalized in the past for having dangerous diet practices that hint an eating disorder. Ms. Gaga’s former tour manager, David Ciemny claims that in 2009 alone, she was hospitalized six times because of her disorderly eating habits. According to Ciemny, Gaga goes to great lengths to fit into those sinful costumes that makes her little monsters go gaga for Gaga. “When I say she was sick, I mean physically and mentally,” David said in the new blockbuster book “Poker Face: The Rise and Rise of Lady Gaga. Ciemny’s wife also notes some sort of odd behavior from Gaga in this book as well.

All  I know is that many celebs suffer from eating disorders and even though Gaga does appear to be remarkably thin at times, I would need more evidence than her former tour manager just saying so. Not to knock him but, how legit can you be when your a ‘former’ anything!