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NEW: Jussy B – “Auspicious”

Okay okay music bumpers, party goers, and internet hoggers I would like to present to y’all straight from Jussy B himself, “Auspicious.”

If this word seems foreign to you, no worries Mr. Bombness breaks it down for all the dummies I mean uninformed, unread people.

This is his new single from his highly awaited mixtape dropping soon!

If you don’t know who Jussy B is take some time to get to know this auspicious, young diamond mine of a rapper from the Bay Area.

But let me stop talking and let your ears be the judge…

“Auspicious” – Jussy B

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NEW Drake – Marvin’s Room UPDATE


So, due to retarded copyright laws the original version has been taken down from YouTube. I don’t even understand the point of it! What the hell do they think people are doing besides listening to it? 

Whatever Universal Music Group… get a grip.

In the mean time here’s the song to download. I’m going to try my luck and post the song on my YouTube channel. If and when I do it’ll be posted here!

For all you Drake fans out there, here’s his latest track. There’s been a lot of internet fanfare over finding the real version of the song. After looking for about an hour here’s the original, unedited version of “Marvin’s Room” by Drake.

No shade on Drake but, does it seem like all of his songs sound the same? There’s always a lot of pads and keys and that same base drum. Once again, no shade, “I’m just saying you could do better.” New producers maybe?


Why You Gotta Hate?

Hola Mi Gente!

Estoy aqui con otro post en Español, por supuesto! Hoy yo quiero hablar de tu boca! Si! Oido bien. Quiero hablar de tu boca pero, en paticular las palabras que salen. En mi opinion, las mujeres son las mas chismosas y siempre estan hablando sobre la otra.

Mi pregunta es: why yo

u gotta hate? o porque tu tiene dema? (pa mis viewers de PR & DR lo que entienden). Tengo un prima de NYC que es un rapera y yo vi un video en que ella hablaba mucha basura de otra rapera. Ella es mi familia entonces no quiere ofenderlo PERO es muy mala para alguien especificamente un mujer a hablar mal a otra. Si tu tiene dema (dema es corto por “demagogo” osea celos) entonces yo entiendo pero si te gusta hablar cosas malas y/o falsas de

alguien… es un tema diferente.

Lo que yo quiero decir es… cada persona tiene un boca y un opinion, pero no significa que cada persona necesita hablar y por lo menos, mierda.

Si tienes algo que decir, pare por un segundo y pensar en lo que se esta preparando para decir. Piense en como puede afectar a alguien. Aunque si actuan como si no estas enojado. Nadie sabe como se sienten, pero ellos. Por lo tanto, si usted no tiene nada bueno que decir, no digas nada.


Get Smart. Stop Talking Mess.

For My Spanish Peeps: Que Crees de Lo Nuevo de Don Omar?

Back again, still too lazy to post on Ritmo Mundial! I think this will turn into a regular thing!

Ok mi gente, yo quiero saber que tu crees de lo nuevo video de Don Omar titulado “Taboo”?

Para mi, es mas promocion para Fast Five en lugar de un video musical. Eso es normal dada la realidad que el esta en la película. Pero, mi problema de verdad con ese video es que el esta en Brasil pero (en mi opinion) ninguno del los actores y/o modelos parecen brasileño. Yo vi lo mismo en el video de Danza Kuduro. Para los que no sepan, Kuduro es un genero africano PERO en el video es sola una morena y ella es para atras aunque ella baile mas bien de las otras bailarinas.

Yo no se si es a proposito o que? Pero yo se que soy morena y en este industria, mucha gente le gusta tu ritmo, cultura, y muchas mas pero cuando tu quiere el mundo entero a ver tu y la gente que tu representas, es un problema. Vi un documental titulado “Black in Latin America” y el primer episodio fue en Republica Dominicana y Haiti. Yo se que hay muchas problemas entre estos paises pero lo que es mas rara es muchos dominicanos parecen negro, prieto, moreno cual tu quiera… pero no aceptan ese realidad. El sentido de este post es que hay cosas raras entre nuestra raza y los multiples culturas que lo componen. No quiero hablar mas… dime que tu crees de este video y mas la representacion de la raza latina.

For My Spanish Peeps: Policia Española Detiene a Jowell & Randy! y Mas…

Too lazy to post this on Ritmo Mundial… Enjoy!

Hola mis followers tan lindos

Esto es de nuevo!! El duo del momento Jowell Y Randy estas en sus nuevo gira de Europa pero fueron muchas problems en un cuidad de España!

Primeramente, cuando ellos decidieron dar una vuelta en su moto para conocer la linda pueblo de Lleida, la misma polica detiene a Jowell porque no tenia el casco protector. Pero no se preocupen este lio resultaron en solo un multa para Jowell.

Haz clic aqui para ver mas fotos!

PERO, yo estaba leyendo mi twitter este mañana  y vi un tweet mas largo de Randy. El Dijo:

Ay mi mai.. que bobo con los mas suelto! Soy feliz que ellos todavia van a seguir. Por los malditos ladrones, vete! Por que no buscas trabajo normal? Robo no es chevere ni nitido ni na’!!!

Y Para Jowell & Randy, deseo mucha suerte para el resto del su gira!

Left My Heart Anywhere BUT San Francisco

If you don’t get the title then you’ve been obviously living under a rock.

So, today class I will be speaking about my hometown, San Francisco, California. There’s a lot of great things in this city but what comes up must come down so, there are some bad aspects as well. All I have to say before plunging into deep analysis is… everyone has a right to their own opinion but, not every opinion is right. With that said, if you are from, lived in, currently live in, or desire to live in San Francisco, don’t take it personal, I am just speaking from 16 years of experience. Also, I’m offering a perspective that a lot of sites on the internet will not. I am a young person of color. Most of those review things are from older, white males. No offense to you older white males out there but I’m just saying. There’s a big difference between you and me.

Okay, now for the good stuff.

So, I don’t really care for SF and here are some reasons why:

  1. Hills
  2. Random Hot Days
  3. Bicyclists
  4. 6th Street
  5. Smokers Downtown
  6. Everything Closes Early
  7. Hipsters
  8. Expensive
  9. Muni
  10. SFPD
  11. Did I forget to mention Hipsters?
  12. Everybody Knows Everybody
  13. Gentrification
  14. Lack of Culture (this is a recent epidemic)
  15. Segregation
  16. Stuck up people in Pac Heights
  17. Traffic after 4 pm
  18. tourists
  19. Not so great employment opportunities
  20. Bad schools
  21. No Starbucks in The Mission

Okay, so that’s just the bad stuff… but here’s some stuff I actually like.

  1. Fog (yes, I like the fog)
  2. everything is relatively close
  3. Trader Joe’s
  4. The Mission (but sometimes I hate living there)
  5. A lot of places to get food (it’s not all good but it ain’t that bad)
  6. Rainy Season in March
  7. The Castro

You see how the bad outweighs the good? Well, some may say I won’t find anywhere better but I have to disagree with that thought. When I have traveled to at least 10 cities, that’s when I can really pass judgment. Until then, I shall just speak on what I know well and best, San Francisco.

So, to all the people who read my tumblr rant on how I don’t see why people think SF is this wonderful, world-class city this post is a further explanation of my disdain. I see a lot of tourists downtown and I never get why they think SF is great after only looking at a couple blocks of it.

In conclusion, if you’re looking to move to San Francisco, I suggest visiting for a week and not staying in a hotel downtown. Stay somewhere else and let me know if you still feel the same. But I will say this, if you live in SF always take the time to go other places and explore. I know way too many people who are born and raised here and have never set foot outside the city besides going to Serramonte. And when I say explore, I do not mean go to Tahoe or Burning Man. I’m talking Sacramento, San Jose, Oakland. Other places in the Bay that are worth spending a day in.

I’m sure not a lot of people are going to read this BUT, to who ever does, I hope this was informative!

New Videos From Rapper Roach Gigz

Okay y’all I’m back with an update for all my Bay Area Rap fans. If you follow me on tumblr (click on the word & follow me!) you’d know that I was on an Erk Tha Jerk roll for a minute! With that in mind, I will try to post more Bay Area Rap and the latest songs.

Roach Gigz just dropped these videos TODAY. Like literally this morning! I can’t say I am a HUGE fan but I will say that ocassionally I listen to his music.

Disclaimer: I don’t promote drug & alchohol use/abuse so if those things bug you, you may not want to watch these videos or listen to any of HIS music!

New York Apartment for $700 a Month!

Everyone knows it is NOT cheap to live in the great city of New York. However, one woman has found a loop-hole! Felice lives in Manhattan’s Upper West Side about two blocks away from the subway and Central Park in her backyard. But here’s the catch: the apartment is only 90 Square Feet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In an area where rent can average $3,600, Felice considers her 12×7 apartment a steal. The spot has snagged the record of ‘World’s Smallest Apartment’ by the World Records Academy.

Check out the video!

I plan to move to NYC but no want, desire, nor need will make me stay in this tiny place, at least not for long! Would you live here? Leave a Comment!

I’m Back!!!

I know y’all wondering when I’m going to stop saying, “I’m Back,” but then disappear and say it AGAIN! Look, I can’t answer that but what I can do is post mad stuff, tell you to follow me on twitter and tumblr, and my second blog.


Check these next couple posts out!


Thanks & Much Love


2010 Is a Wrap!

Hey internets! Happy new years eve, I’m some-what enjoying it at home with my family. Just wanted to make my LAST post of 2010 and thank you all for all of the hits I have received so far! GE.SF has been a success this year so let’s make 2011 even better!

Thank you 2010, though this has been the craziest year to say the least, Know the UNKNWN has been a great success and benefit!!!

Have a SAFE and FUN New Year’s Eve y’allllllll!!!