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When To Call It Quits!


So I was reading my stats today for this site and noticed that someone found my first post about dating/relationships/being single… through searching “when to end a relationship”. I decided I would write a quick blurb on that query!

Here it goes!


You should end a relationship if:

1. You’re getting abused

2. You’re considering abusing/hurting your significant other

3. You’re cheating regularly


You should consider breaking up if:

1. You’re thinking about cheating and/or having constant thoughts about other men or women besides your partner.

2. You argue over the smallest issues ALL of the time!

3. You constantly get annoyed at anything AND everything your partner does, from the way they laugh to the way they chew their food!


Okay y’all. That’s it for now! I might add on to this later but only if it gets mad hits! If not, it was worth the try!

Get Smart. Just Ride Solo. Just Kidding. Or Am I?