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My New Blog & Lil Kim’s Diss Track!!!

Hey Y’all, back at it again! This time with some great news!!

Drum Roll Please! Ha, just kidding it’s not THAT serious. All I did was start a new blog but this time in Spanish. It has nothing on it but some homemade graphics and a welcome page but please go take a look and hopefully subscribe! Like I said, it’s in Spanish but I will be posting all translations (in English and possibly Portuguese) on here so look out for that.

Click here to check it out

In other news, Lil Kim put out a diss track about Nicki Minaj. It’s posted below!


First of the First

So today is my first day of independently blogging… What a day! Not much more to say in this post but today is the first of the first or in other words, “I’m a blogger B*TCHESSS!!!” -Unknwn
Oh and please make suggestions for posts. I’m knowledgeable of a lot and open to everything.