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The Shoes I Want but, Just Can’t Have!

Howdy folks! Back again with a rant about shoes and such! So, I am currently broke while awaiting my next pay check and today there is a fantastic sale on Creative Recreation shoes at TWO WEBSITES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry I cannot tell you where because they’re members-only sites however, if you want to know I can refer you!

Here are two pairs of shoes I want but unfortunately I just can’t have!

I take donations if you want to help me get them! Just kidding. Or am I? Get Smart. Don’t Get Addicted To Shopping Like I Am.


Cesario Lo Black & Aqua

Cesario Lo Black & Tweed


Am I. . .Addicted to Shopping?


This post is short, sweet, and RANDOM! I just wanted to say that my name is UNKNWN and I have a shopping addiction.


The end.


Get Smart. Don’t Shop Until You Drop. Don’t Shop Until You’re Broke. In Other Words, Don’t Be Like Me.


The Sexiest Shoes I’ve Ever Seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was shopping online today (as usual!) and I saw a few pairs of shoes that are definitely SEXY! I mean I got chills when I saw a few of these… Mind that there are both Men’s and Women’s shoes here so I’m not going on my normal sneaker rant!


ALIFE Everybody HI Flood Wine Color

So if you know me personally then you will understand why these are number one on the list! First off, I love the wine colored leather with the faded chocolate sole…perfect combo!

The On Fire Boot in Gray By Jeffrey Campbell Shoes

Now these boots right here are pretty sexy in my opinion! I mean come one! Look at the tinted gold buckles. It doesn’t get much better than this. Plus they come in black and brown too! You can never go wrong with a pair of Jeffrey Campbell’s!

Creative Recreation Cesario Sneaker Raw Denim

I’m a pretty big Creative Rec fan and when I saw these joints I was definitely considering buying them! The only thing that stopped me was that they look a little too masculine for my taste. Other than that these shoes are pretty nice. I really like the whole light tan leather section, it accents the chocolate and denim colors.

THE RAMOS Sherlock Holmes by KEEP

“Japanese milled bird’s eye body with plaid accent and custom gum cup sole.” Need I say more? I mean, take a look at anything from KEEP…. These shoes are not sexy they are on a whole other, more sophisticated level…they are beautiful!

Well that’s all folks! Hope you liked it. If you didn’t then oh well… Send me links to the stuff you like and maybe, just maybe, I will blog about it!

Get Smart. Buy Shoes. Only Sexy One’s Though.