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Where The Mix At?

Are you wondering where’s the “Music Mix Monday’s” ? Probably not since this blog is so new, no one in internet-land seems to notice it. Well what had happened was I made the post on Saturday and got distracted by unnecessary drama on Facebook due to a horrible break up with an unimportant entity (my favorite insult!).

Basically, there will be a music mix coming to the internets on another day this week. So far, I have had a couple of hits and one spam comment. This blogging stuff is going better than I thought!

Get Smart. Kill Spammers. Just Kidding. Kill Yourself If You Are A Spammer. Less People In Prison. Prisons Get More Money Than Schools Annually.



Music Mix Monday’s

This is a little something I’m starting in hopes of attracting more viewers. Every Monday, I’m gonna post up a couple of songs I been bumping lately. Your job is to answer the poll and let me know what you think about the songs as well as suggestions for the next Music Mix Monday.

So Here It Goes!

1. Hector – Maluca

2. Who’s That? Brooown! – Das Racist

3. Man Of The Year – Drake ft Lil Wayne

4. Speaking In Tongues – Das Racist

5. Mutilate – Jay Karan