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$50,000 Worth of Weave Has Been Stolen!!! (Video Included!)

So obviously we have some desperate people out here in the bay robbing places for weave! Like what is going on with the world? I swear, something happens everyday that makes me highly believe that the world is coming to an end! I just don’t have anything to say about this. Watch the video… And if you know who did this  (or if this was you) you need to head to the Golden Gate Bridge and jump off, immediately. Y’all just gave black people an even WORSE name. Forget drug dealing, home-invasions, and shop lifting. Now we got Weave Thieves!!!!!!!!!!!! I remember when I saw the commercials on TV for Hair Divas. I started cracking up at the fact that you can put weave on lay away! For all you weave wearing peoples out there, Hair Divas will be closed until they can sort things out. From what I heard their prices were pretty high to begin with anyway.

Check this HOT MESS out. Was it just me or did some of those people look like men?

Oh yea, here’s another one.