Oh You Fancy Huh?

Howdy Internets! Back at it again with the random posts! Today’s topic is based on a recent email I got asking me to list “the things/sayings/slang/people I hate the most!”

Here we go! I’ll attempt to include all things, people, slang, etc.


1. Leggo

2.What’s Gucci?

3.Oh You Fancy Huh?


5. My soooonnnnnn (mostly used in New York)

4. Adding “auran” to the end of your words (mostly Dominicans do this!)

5.Hannnnnn (mostly Dominicans say this)



1.Girls over 200 lbs. rocking tight shirts

2.Fake eyebrows, eyelashes, hair, and nails all at one time!

3.People who still “Jerk” (as in the dance)

4.Females who smoke cigarettes excessively


That’s it, I hope that answered the question! Until next time folks.

Get Smart. Stop Saying What’s Gucci. Just Say What’s Good. Or What’s Happening. Or Even Simpler, Just Say Hello.




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