BKNY Ent. Interview!

So, I mentioned on one of my many abandoned blogs out there in internet-land that my people at Brooklyn Entertainment wanted to interview me for their new interview series titled “Who Are You Again?” I laughed when I was asked if I would do so because last time I checked no one knows who BKNY  is! Not to throw shade or anything, I’m just saying… Well, anyways here is the interview. When they post it up I’ll paste the link… By the way, my most favorite person at BKNY Entertainment: YP (Young Persona) did the interview shout out to him!


YP: So exactly who are you again?

Unknwn: Well just say my blogger name and you’ll know.

YP: Why do you call yourself “Unknwn” ?

Unknwn: Let’s put it this way…no one really knows who I am but instead of informing people about me and all that, I rather just be unknown. On top of that, you know I had to put my “special touch” on it, so I took out the letter “o”

YP: Where are you trying to go with this whole blog thing?

Unknwn: I actually don’t know. I would like to be getting paid for what I do…I will…one day. Probably in a few years I will be doing some bigger things in New York or something. That is if I’m still alive!

YP: Still alive?

Unknwn: Yea, you never know when it’s gonna be your last day. You know?

YP: Definitely. So tell me one thing you think your readers don’t know about you.

Unknwn: That I’m not a guy. (laughs) I’ve heard that some of the things I talk about and in some of my posts I sound really masculine. I just have a lot to say and I love to talk about all kinds of stuff.

YP: Are you going to try to make your self appear more feminine?

Unknwn: Definitely not. I am who I am. Get with it or get lost…ya dig? (laughs) just kidding. I’ll try to post some more “feminine” entries, whatever that means…

YP: Well our interview is coming to an end. I just have one last question. What are three things you would like to blog about but don’t?

Unknwn: (laughs) I should show you all of the drafts I have! I write stuff all the time. However, I read them and think “nobody is gonna read this!” then move on to something else. As to your question my three things would be:


-My life

-and Relationships

I think all three of those I have attempted to talk about but, I just don’t think I’m an expert at it right now…maybe in the future, just not now.

YP: Thanks for the interview, here’s your time to plug your stuff!

Unknwn: not much to plug…just subscribe to my blog please! Even though I haven’t been writing much… I take requests too so just hit up gradienteyes.wordpress.com and leave a comment on any post and I’ll reply and even give you a shout out! That’s all…I don’t do enough to truly plug my stuff (laughs) All I gotta say is send me topics and I’ll talk about ’em! Each and every one of them!!


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