Bruno Mars Hit With A Felony

Bruno Mars, in Las Vegas Police Custody

“Just The Way You Are” singer Bruno Mars, real name Peter Hernandez, has been charged with felony drug possession. Last month Mars was taken into custody by Las Vegas police after his show at the Hard Rock Hotel. Supposedly, a bathroom attendant alerted a security guard after noticing a man spending a lot of time in one of the stalls and suspected he was using drugs. The attendant said he noticed Mars had a “baggy of white powder substance.” and once confronted, Mars gave the guard the white substance consistant with cocaine. Reportedly, Mars recognized his wrongdoing, telling the guard he “did a foolish thing and has never used drugs before.”

At the time of his arrest, he tested positive for cocaine and according toThe Associated Press, if convicted, the star faces up to four years in jail and a $5000 fine.

Hopefully Bruno Mars will learn a massive lesson from this incident. First it was Kid Cudi, then Paris Hilton, and now Bruno Mars! What’s up with celebrities and coke? I think everyone needs to take a chill pill, but one that doesn’t contain drugs of course!

Get Smart you guys. Drugs may fix things for the moment but those problems will still be there when you come down from your high.



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